Site Use Terms and Conditions

Valid from November 26, 2020

This agreement describes the general terms and conditions (the "General Terms and Conditions”) for the use of the services offered by Mercado Libre Chile Limitada, RUT 77.398.220-1, (the "Services") on the sites ("Mercado Libre" or the "site"). Any person (the "User" or "Users") who may wish to access and/or use the site or the services may do so in compliance with the respective General Terms and Conditions and any other policy or principle governing Mercado Libre and incorporated herein by reference.




The User must read, understand, and accept the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policies, as well as any other documents incorporated therein by reference, before registering as a Mercado Libre User.

01 - Capacity

The Services will only be available to persons who have legal capacity to enter into contracts. The Services may not be used by persons lacking such capacity, minors or Mercado Libre Users who have been temporarily or indefinitely suspended. If you are registering a User as a Company, you must be authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of such company and bind it under the terms of this Agreement.

02 - Registration

All the fields of the registration form must be completed with valid information in order to use the services provided by Mercado Libre. The future User must verify that the personal information provided to Mercado Libre to register on the Site is accurate and true ("Personal Data") and undertakes to keep the Personal Data updated as necessary. Mercado Libre may identify its Users through several means, but Mercado Libre will NOT be liable for the accuracy of the Personal Data furnished by its Users. The Users warrant and will be liable, in all cases, for the truthfulness, accuracy, validity, and authenticity of the Personal Data submitted to Mercado Libre.

Mercado Libre may, at its sole discretion, require an additional registration from Users operating as dealers or real estate agents to give them access to special packages for their posts. In such cases, once the additional registration is completed, any car or real estate offers made by the dealers or real estate agents, respectively, will only be posted on Mercado Libre through any such packages or in the manners specifically prescribed by Mercado Libre for this type of Users.

Mercado Libre reserves the right to request any proof of identification and/or any other additional information to corroborate the Personal Data, and to temporarily or indefinitely suspend those Users whose information could not be verified. In the latter case, the items posted and any offers made by the User will be terminated without compensation to the User.

The User will access his personal account (“Account”) by entering his Nickname or chosen e-mail address and his chosen password (“Password”). The User undertakes to keep his Password confidential. The User will have a single, personal, non-transferable Account and may not create or hold more than one Account. If Mercado Libre determines that different Accounts share identical or related information, it may cancel, suspend or ban them.

The User will be liable for all transactions conducted through his Account, given that access to it is only possible by entering the User’s Password, which is known to the User only. The User undertakes to immediately notify MercadoLibre through valid means of any unauthorized use of the User’s Account, as well as any unauthorized access to the Account by third parties. The sale, assignment, or transfer of the Account (including the pertaining score and feedback) in any form are prohibited.

MercadoLibre reserves the right to reject any registration request or cancel a previously accepted registration without the need to communicate or state the reasons for such decision and without any compensation.

See our user banning or suspension policies


03 - Amendments to this Agreement

MercadoLibre may amend the General Terms and Conditions at any time by posting the amended terms on the Site. Any amended terms will enter into effect 10 (ten) days after their publication. Said amendments will be communicated by Mercado Libre to all users who have requested to receive notifications about changes in these Terms and Conditions in their Mercado Libre Account Settings. Any user who does not agree with the amendments made by Mercado Libre may request to have their account closed.


The use of the Site and/or its services implies the acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions.

04 - Listing Goods

4.1 Use of Mercado Pago. By posting an item on the Site, the Seller expressly consents to the use of Mercado Pago as one of the means available to pay for the offered goods or services and undertakes to refrain from modifying the sale price if the Buyer decides to use MercadoPago. Further, the User declares that he has read, understood, and accepted the Terms and Conditions of use of such service.

4.2 Posting goods and/or services. The User must offer goods and/or services for sale under the appropriate categories and subcategories. The items may include descriptions, graphs, photos and other contents or terms relevant to the sale of the goods or the hiring of the service, provided they comply with this agreement and the remaining policies of Mercado Libre. The product offered by the Seller must be accurately described in terms of its condition and relevant characteristics. It is understood and assumed that, by posting the goods or services on Mercado Libre, the User accepts that he has the intention and the right to sell the offered goods, on his own behalf or on behalf of their owner, and that the goods are available for immediate delivery. The price of the posted items must include VAT, where such tax is applicable, and be expressed in legal tender. Mercado Libre may remove any item where the price is not expressed in such manner in order to avoid confusion or misinterpretations regarding the product’s final price. No description may contain personal or contact information, including, without limitation, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, postal address, websites containing such information, unless as otherwise specifically provided for the following categories: Cars, motorcycles, and others, Real Estate, and Services. No forms of payment other than those listed by Mercado Libre may be published in the posted item, and the Seller must not suggest or insinuate that Buyers should not use MercadoPago and/or alter the purchasing conditions if the buying User chooses to use MercadoPago. Any breach of these provisions will entitle Mercado Libre to edit, ask the User to edit, or remove the infringing item.


4.3 Inclusion of images and photographs. The User may include images and photographs of the offered product, provided they depict the actual item, except where, due to the nature of the goods, products or services, such depiction is impracticable.

MercadoLibre may prohibit posting a photograph, or even the item, if it determines, at its sole discretion, that the image violates these Terms and Conditions. The images and photographs of items posted under the Oro Premium Full, Oro Premium and Oro modalities must comply with some additional requirements in order to be featured on the Site’s Homepage. Learn about these requirements.


4.4 Prohibited Items. Goods and/or services listings must only contain offered goods and/or promoted services which are not implicitly nor expressly prohibited under the General Terms and Conditions and remaining policies of MercadoLibre and under the applicable laws. For further information on prohibited goods or services, see MercadoLibre’s Policies on Prohibited Items.


4.5 Intellectual Property Protection. Mercado Libre has developed a Program ("IPPP") aimed at ensuring that posted items do not infringe intellectual and industrial property rights or any other rights of third parties. The IPPP participants, or the right holders, may identify and request the removal of those items which they believe are infringing their rights. If Mercado Libre suspects that an unlawful act or an act in violation of intellectual and industrial property rights is being or has been committed, Mercado Libre reserves the right to adopt the necessary measures, including giving the IPPP participants and other right holders restricted access to some of the alleged infringer’s personal information, as set forth in the Privacy Policies.

05 - Information Privacy

In order to use the Services offered by Mercado Libre, Users must submit certain personal information, which is processed and stored in servers or magnetic media meeting high physical and technological security and protection standards. For further information on Personal Data privacy and those cases in which personal information is disclosed, see our Privacy Policies.

06 - Users’ Obligations

6.1 Buyer’s Obligations. During the term set by the Seller, interested Users may enter bids to buy goods and to hire services. The sales offer ends on the term’s expiry or when the quantity specified by the Seller runs out, and the services hiring offer ends on the item’s term’s expiry.


The Buyer must attempt to contact the seller and complete the transaction if he made an offer for an item posted under the “Buy It Now” method or if he made the highest bid, where this method is allowed, unless the transaction is prohibited by law or by the General Terms and Conditions and remaining policies of Mercado Libre, in which case the Buyer will have no obligation to go through with the transaction.


By entering a bid for an item, the User accepts the terms of sale included in the item’s description, provided they do not infringe the applicable laws or the General Terms and Conditions and remaining policies of Mercado Libre. The bid is irrevocable, save for exceptional circumstances such as the Seller substantially modifying the item’s description after a bid has been entered, or where there is a clear typographical error, or where the seller’s identity cannot be verified.

Bids will only be considered valid once processed by MercadoLibre’s information system.


Taxes. As set forth under the applicable tax laws, the Buyer must demand an invoice or ticket from the seller as proof of the transaction. The Seller will not have the obligation to issue an invoice or ticket only if he is an individual not regularly engaged in sale transactions.


6.2. Seller’s Obligations. The Seller must have the legal capacity to sell the offered item. If the Seller has received at least one bid exceeding the established minimum price, he must attempt to contact the Buyer and complete the transaction with the User who has made the highest bid or the bid which meets the price set under the “Buy It Now” method. Only under exceptional circumstances may the Seller cancel the transaction, such as the impossibility to agree with the Buyer on the means of payment or delivery method, or where the Buyer’s true identity or other information cannot be verified.

MercadoLibre will be entitled to require, at its own discretion, that certain Seller Users only advertise their goods or services on the Website using MercadoPago’s Online Payment Management Services and/or other tools offered by Mercado Libre to collect the price of the goods sold and the fee for the service offered, with the ensuing fees applicable for the use of MercadoLibre’s services.

Given that Mercado Libre serves as a place of interaction between the Buyer and the Seller and does not participate in the transactions made between them, the Seller will be liable for any obligations and tax charges applicable to the sale of his items and Mercado Libre will be discharged from any liability for breaches thereof.


When the Seller receives an offer for an item he posted, he must rate the counterparty pursuant to Section 14 of these General Terms and Conditions.

Taxes. As already set forth, Mercado Libre merely places at the Users’ disposal a virtual place where they may communicate over the Internet in order to sell or buy goods and/or services. Mercado Libre has no participation whatsoever in the negotiation and the completion of the final contract between the parties. Therefore, Mercado Libre will not be liable for the performance of the tax obligations set forth under the applicable laws.

For further information, click here.

07 - Prohibitions

Users may not: (a) manipulate item prices; (b) interfere in competing bids between different Users; (c) contact Users participating in the offer via e-mail or other means (including social networks) during the term of the offer, except for the Questions and Answers section; (d) disclose their personal information or other users’ personal information through the Questions and Answers section and/or any other means (including, without limitation, Twitter, Facebook, and/or any other social network), unless otherwise specifically provided for the following categories: Cars, motorcycles, and others, Real Estate, Services, and Properties; (e) accept personal information furnished by other users through the Questions and Answers section and/or any other means (including, without limitation, Twitter, Facebook, and/or any other social network; (f) publish or sell items prohibited under these General Terms and Conditions, Mercado Libre’s other policies, and the applicable laws; (g) insult or harass other Users; (h) use their reputation, feedback ratings, comments or answers received on Mercado Libre’s site in any place other than Mercado Libre; (i) publish identical items in more than one listing.

This type of activities will be investigated by Mercado Libre and the infringer may be penalized by the suspension or termination of the offer and even of his Mercado Libre User account and/or by any other measure Mercado Libre may find suitable, notwithstanding any legal actions arising from the commission of unlawful acts or any damage suffered by the offering Users.

08 - Database or System Violations

Any act or use of devices, software or other means to interfere with the activities and operations of Mercado Libre and the offers, descriptions, accounts or databases of Mercado Libre is prohibited. Any intrusion, attempted intrusion or act in violation of intellectual property right laws and/or the prohibitions set forth in this agreement will be prosecuted under the law and penalized as provided for herein. Further, the wrongdoer will be liable for the relevant damages.

09 - Penalties. Suspension of Operations

Notwithstanding other measures, Mercado Libre may warn a User, temporarily or indefinitely suspend or ban his Account or a post, impose a penalty to adversely affect his reputation, commence the relevant proceedings and/or suspend the provision of Mercado Libre’s Services where (a) there is a violation of the applicable law or MercadoLibre’s General Terms and Conditions or other policies; (b) the User’s obligations are breached; (c) at Mercado Libre’s sole discretion, malicious or fraudulent acts have been performed; (d) the User’s identity cannot be verified or any information provided by the User is erroneous; (e) Mercado Libre understands that posts or other acts may give rise to liability on the part of the posting User, Mercado Libre, or other Users. Where a User is temporarily or indefinitely suspended, all items posted by him will be removed from the system. In addition, all bids for auctioned goods will be deleted from the system.

10 - Liability

Mercado Libre merely places at the Users’ disposal a virtual place where they may communicate over the Internet in order to sell or buy goods or services. Mercado Libre does not own, possess, or sell the offered items. Mercado Libre is not involved in the completion of the transactions between the Users nor in the terms agreed upon between them for such transactions. Therefore, Mercado Libre may not be liable for the existence, quality, quantity, conditions, integrity, or legitimacy of the items offered, acquired, or sold by the Users, nor for their legal capacity to enter into contracts, nor for the accuracy of the Personal Data entered by them. Each User acknowledges and accepts full responsibility for the items posted for sale and for the offers and/or purchases made by him.


Given that MercadoLibre has no participation whatsoever during the time the item is posted for sale, in the subsequent negotiation or in the completion of the final contract between the parties, MercadoLibre will not be liable for the actual performance of the obligations undertaken by the Users when carrying through the transaction. The User acknowledges and accepts that transactions with other Users or third parties are made at his own risk. Under no circumstances will MercadoLibre be liable for the loss of profits or any other damage and/or harm suffered by the User and arising from the transactions made or not made for items posted on MercadoLibre.


MercadoLibre recommends acting prudently and using common sense at the time of conducting transactions with other Users. The User must also take into account the risks of entering into contracts with minors or individuals with forged identities. MercadoLibre will NOT be liable for offers and/or transactions made with other Users on the basis of the trust reposed in the system or Services furnished by MercadoLibre.


Where one or more Users or a third party file a claim or legal action against other User or Users, each and every User involved in the claim or action must exempt MercadoLibre and its directors, managers, employees, agents, operators, representatives, and attorneys from any liability. Users may file claims against other User or Users within 90 days after the purchase. Upon expiration of such term, they may not file claims from the MercadoLibre website.


11 - Scope of MercadoLibre’s Services

No partnership, agency, franchise or employment relationship between MercadoLibre and the User is created by this agreement. The User acknowledges and accepts that MercadoLibre is not involved in any transaction nor does it have any control over the quality, safety, or lawfulness of the posted items, the truthfulness and accuracy of the posts, or the legal capacity of the Users to sell or purchase items. MercadoLibre cannot guarantee that a User will carry through a transaction or verify his identity or the Personal Data furnished by him. MercadoLibre does not guarantee the veracity of third parties’ advertisements appearing on the site and may not be held liable for the correspondence or agreements between the User and such third parties or other Users.

12 - System Failures

MercadoLibre may not be held liable for any damage, harm, or loss suffered by the User as a result of system, server, or Internet failures. Further, MercadoLibre may not be held liable for any virus that may infect the User’s system upon accessing, using, or reviewing the website or as a result of the transfer of any data, files, images, texts, or audio hosted on the site. Users may NOT attribute any liability whatsoever to MercadoLibre or demand compensation for loss of profits due to the damage caused by technical difficulties or system or Internet failures. MercadoLibre does not guarantee continued or uninterrupted access to and use of its website. The system might not be available at times due to technical difficulties, Internet failures or any other circumstances beyond the control of MercadoLibre. In such cases, the situation will be rectified as soon as possible, and MercadoLibre will be exempted from any liability. MercadoLibre will not be liable for any errors or omissions on its website.

13 - Fees. Invoicing

Registration on Mercado Libre is free of charge. A final value fee will be payable by the user to Mercado Libre when the transaction is completed or where the User does not rate the transaction within the applicable term. In the case of items in the Cars, motorcycles, and Others, Real Estate, and Services categories, the user is only required to pay an insertion fee to Mercado Libre.

MercadoLibre reserves the right to adopt any court and out-of-court measures it may deem convenient to secure payment of the amount due.

MercadoLibre reserves the right to modify, change, add, or remove the applicable fees at any time, which must be notified to the Users as provided for in Section 3. However, MercadoLibre may temporarily modify the Fees Policy and the fees charged for its services under special offers. These modifications will be effective upon publication of the special offer or relevant advertisement.


Where charges are erroneously invoiced, the User must rate or modify the rating provided, indicating that the transaction was not completed, or contact our Customer Care team to resolve this problem.

Learn more about our Invoicing Policies.

14 - Feedback System

Given that it is difficult to verify Users’ identity on the Internet, Mercado Librecannot and does not confirm the purported identity of each User. Therefore, the User has access to a User feedback system which is regularly updated on the basis of information on a User’s activity on the site and the comments entered by Users regarding the transactions they have conducted. Both the Buyer and the Seller must leave feedback informing whether the transaction was completed or not, plus an optional comment if they wish. This feedback system also features a section where Users can access and leave comments on and replies to the feedback received. Any comments made are the sole responsibility of their authors.


Since the ratings, comments, and replies are made by Users, they will be included at the sole responsibility of their author. Mercado Libre is under no obligation to verify their truthfulness or accuracy and may NOT be held liable for the comments entered by any User, for the bids or sale offers made by Users on the basis of such comments or the trust reposed in the ratings of the counterparty or any other comment posted on the site or through any other means, such as e-mail. Mercado Librereserves the right to edit and/or remove comments considered inadequate or offensive. Mercado Librefurther reserves the right to ban Users that receive negative feedback from different sources. For further information on the feedback system, read about the Feedback System at Mercado Libre.

15 - Intellectual Property. Links

The contents of screens related to the services provided by MercadoLibre and the programs, databases, networks, and files allowing the User to access and use his Account are owned by MercadoLibre and are protected by international laws and treaties on copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial designs and models. The undue use and total or partial reproduction of such contents is prohibited unless expressly authorized in writing by MercadoLibre.


The Site may contain links to other websites which does not entail that they are owned or operated by MercadoLibre. Given that such websites are beyond MercadoLibre’s control, MercadoLibre may NOT be held liable for their contents, materials, actions and/or services provided by them, or for direct or indirect damage or losses caused by their use. The presence of links to other websites does not entail a partnership or relationship with or the approval or support by MercadoLibre with respect to such sites and their contents.

16 - Indemnity

The User must indemnify and hold MercadoLibre, its subsidiaries, controlled and/or controlling companies, directors, managers, representatives, and employees harmless against any claim or demand by other Users or by third parties, including reasonable attorneys' fees, due to or arising out of the User’s activity on the Site or his breach of the General Terms and Conditions and other Policies incorporated herein or the violation of any law or the rights of a third party.


For such purpose, the User allows Mercado Libre to: i) Intervene and represent the User in said claims or demands, with the power to reach agreements without limitations, in his name and on his behalf; ii) withhold and debit from his Mercado Pago Account any existing and/or future funds; and/or iii) create specific items to be invoiced.

17 - Annexes

The following documents and/or sections of Mercado Libre incorporated by reference, where the policies and/or Terms and Conditions of different services offered on the site are specified, are an integral part hereof. They may be accessed within the site through the link below or by directly accessing the pertaining pages:


18 – Legal representant

In order to receive court notices under Section 85Ñ(c) and Section 24 of Regulation-Law No. 17,336 on Intellectual Property, attorney-at-law Sr. Alan Meyer Frankfurt, RUT 16.365.917-4, residing at Av. Apoquindo 4800, piso 21, municipality and city of Santiago, Chile, is hereby appointed as representative for said purpose.

19 - Address

MercadoLibre Chile Ltda. is located at Av. Apoquindo 4800, Torre 2, piso 21, Las Condes, Santiago - Chile.

If you have any questions regarding our General Terms and Conditions or other policies and principles of Mercado Libre, see our Help page.


20 - Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

This agreement shall be governed by the laws in force in the Republic of Chile.

Any dispute arising from this agreement, its existence, validity, construction, scope, or performance shall be submitted to the applicable laws and Courts with jurisdiction in the City of Santiago and all proceedings shall be conducted in Spanish.


In case of conflict between the English version with the Spanish one, the Spanish version shall prevail.


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